Benefits Of Offshore Medical Manufacturing

Companies and manufacturers often look to offshore manufacturers such as Globalink Manufacturing Solutions Medical Division, as a cost effective means for the fabrication of both Class I and Class II medical products.

As with any manufactured product, a reduction in costs to produce a product is always highly sought after. A big advantage to manufacturing offshore is the lower operating costs that are present. With our vast network of pre-certified manufacturing facilities, as well as our own, and our long term relationships established, we are able to offer our clientele factory direct pricing.

Our U.S. location  has a model shop to facilitate prototype development and a quality inspection lab for supplementary state side inspection as needed.  We have assembly and warehousing capabilities at our U.S. headquarter facilities and warehousing capabilities on both the East and West Coasts of the United States and in Asia.

Our unique business model allows clients to leverage the infrastructure and relationships we have with our Asian suppliers.  It also creates a very pleasant offshore experience for our clients as we take care of all aspects of a project.   We are extremely good at what we do.  Let us put our experience, relationships, and skill to work for you.

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